Millan & Associates, LLC    4661 Third Avenue NW Naples, FL  34119. USA
Millan Cable Materials is a Division of Millan & Associates LLC, established in 2009 in Naples, Florida, USA (125 miles to the West of  Miami), to explore the recent opportunities created by several trade agreements between the United  States and its neighboring Latin American countries. Since then we have expanded into leading Asian  countries such as India, China and South Korea.

Our product offering includes specialty  cable materials  such as Cable Binding Nonwoven Tapes series, Shielding Tapes series (Semi-conductive Nonwoven Tapes,Semi-conductive Nylon Tapes, Semi-conductive Tetoron Tapes), Water-blocking Tapes (Water swelling tapes),Semi-conductive Water-blocking Tapes, Semi-conductive Buffer Water-blocking Tapes ,Halogen-free/Low-smoke/Flame-retardant Nonwoven Tapes.
Millan Cable Materials
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Fire Retardant Tape
Semiconductive waterblocking tapes
Water Swellable Tape
Semi-Conductive Tape
Nonwoven Cable Wrapping Tapes